Do Your Best With Atlas CMS

The most versatile CMS (Content Management System) for future market adaptation. With ATLAS' futuristic capabilities, you may ease and look forward to the future.

  • Responsive design for providing the most mobile-friendly experience to post updates on the go.
  • Compatible with modern storytelling formats like live blogs and web stories.
  • Built-in AI tag generator tool.
  • Real time fact checking.
  • Built-in SEO optimization for faster organic results.
  • Super fast response for boosting the productivity of content management team.
  • Built to handle medium to large content management team.

Why choose Atlas over other CMS?

Systems such as WordPress or other CMS are designed for blogs, requiring many 3rd-party plugins to be made suitable for marketing content. And all those plugins lead to high maintenance, slow speed, and security holes. Ideahub’s Atlas CMS includes everything out-of-the-box to quickly build beautiful, highly visual, fast marketing websites with good SEO. No plugins are required. The user-friendly admin interface and developer-friendly API save your whole teams time.

Control how content is displayed and how data is organised.

Editors love it because they have the freedom and control over how content is displayed and how data is organized with our StreamField.

Advanced image management

Keep your image library organized and under control.

With the image focal point and custom cropping tools in Wagtail, you have more control over how images are cropped and displayed. The multiple image upload and image deduplication features also help you keep your image library organized and under control.